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Download video for Instagram

Do I need to install any extensions and programs to download the video? No. All you have to do is use the Get-save online service, which has an intuitive interface.

As soon as mobile phones had cameras, more and more people began to take pictures and post them on various social networks. Some are designed exclusively for communicating with people, but there is also a unique solution - Instagram. This application is popular in almost everything world. This is a modern, high-quality platform where you can use content in various formats. Initially, you could only access Instagram through a smartphone, now the developers have tried and released an online version available for PC.

A fairly large place in the world of Instagram is occupied by video content. Bloggers publish their entertaining videos, as well as ordinary users upload their own videos to the social network. But is it possible to download them from the social network to a PC or smartphone? If act through the official application, then, unfortunately, nothing will work. But there is an optimal solution - the service. With its help, you can download any video in a matter of minutes.

How can I download videos to my computer?

The web offers a lot of options for downloading videos to PC, but in most cases they do not work. So use and follow the following algorithm:

go to Instagram and select the video you want to download;

copy video link;

then go to and paste the link to the video in the corresponding window;

click the download button;

All uploaded videos through the service immediately go to the folder that you have set by default when uploading. But if necessary, you can select another folder in the browser settings where it is more convenient to store the video.

With this service, you can easily download content from PCs running Windows, Mac OS and others. Using the same algorithm, you can also download content to smartphones running Android and IOS platforms. After the video will be downloaded to your phone, you can view it, edit it, and also publish it on social networks without any problems.Moreover, there are a huge number of video editing applications on smartphones, due to which it will not be more difficult to work with video files than on a PC.

Benefits of Get-save

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow people who do not have their own page to view content. Therefore, go through a quick registration in the application and the content of public accounts will be available to you. You will be able to view their photos, videos and even download videos, using Get-save. This service will allow you to download a video in excellent quality without registration and making any money. At the same time, it is not necessary to have copyright for the video, which other programs and services for downloading are not able to offer.

Get-save is the top service on the web that allows you to download any video in a matter of minutes. The download time, of course, depends on how much the video is. But in general, downloading does not take much time. Except downloading content from Instagram, you can also use to download videos from Vkontakte, Tik-Tok and other popular social networks.