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How to download videos for TikTok

Get-save is a universal solution that saves videos in high quality. The service works perfectly through browsers on phones of different brands. It can also be used to download videos without problems from PCs running Windows platforms , Mac OS and others.

Everyone now uses social networks, and most want to not only watch interesting videos, but also download them. But through the TikTok platform, there is no way to download videos directly to your smartphones, computers. That is why you should pay attention to Get -save.This is one of the top video downloader available.You will no longer need to download special programs on your smartphone or PC to download videos from TikTok.All you need is a link to the video you are interested in.All other processing is done through That's why you can save any TikTok video in just a few seconds with a couple of clicks on the site.

The main advantage of this downloader is that it is completely free. The online service allows you to download videos not only from TikTok, but also from other platforms and applications.

Download fast video from Tik Tok by link

In TikTok, in the address bar, type the letter S instead of a period, and you will immediately be redirected to the download

How do I download videos to my computer?

Technology of actions is the same as in the case of a smartphone from an "Apple" manufacturer:

go to TikTok and choose the video you want to download;

then copy the link;

paste the link in the appropriate field and click on the download button;

after that you will need to click on "save" and send the file to the required folder on your PC.

After all these steps, the video will already be saved on the device, and you can easily open it, view it and even send it via any social networks in the future.

In the same way, you can download video files to smartphones from various manufacturers. Can you download videos on Android or iOS? Of course, this will not cause any problems. Copy the link, go to the browser, go to the site to download, paste the link to the video and click on the "download" button. Now the video is already in your smartphone and ready for viewing, publishing and even editing. But when saving, you will also need to choose where exactly you want to send the video. In general, technologists is no different from downloading to a PC.

To download videos from TikTok through this service, you don't even need to have your own page in this application. You can download videos without any problems, having only a link to them. Just paste the links in the appropriate field, and the video will be ready in a few seconds.But please note that the uploader does not have access to videos on private accounts.In order to be able to upload, please make sure that the user account is public.

Dignity Get-save

Working through this service, everyone has the opportunity to upload a video without copyright, which other platforms are not able to offer. You can upload a video using only a link to the video you are interested in on the site for free, without registration, an infinite number of times. In addition, the algorithm for downloading videos is as simple as possible and will not cause any difficulties or questions for any of the users.

All videos uploaded through the service immediately go to the folder that you set by default when downloading files. But if you wish, in the browser settings, you can choose the folder where the video will be uploaded.

Do I need to install any extensions or programs? No. The service is as user-friendly as possible. All you need is a link to a TikTok video.