Ways to Download YouTube Videos Online

Download YouTube videos for free without registration from the link!Download YouTube videos for Android and iPhone through our online service.Use free script - This is a 1-click 'Download' button without third-party services from YouTube!

Do not look for where to download - Install the script and download without third-party services from YouTube

no third party services from YouTube

If you want to have a Download button on YouTube, then use our free script for Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Firefox browsers.

As you can see, this is really the fastest and easiest way to download videos and music from YouTube in 1080, 4k.

How to quickly download from YouTube from a link

On YouTube in the address bar, instead of a period, enter the letter S and you will immediately be transferred to the download

How to download YouTube videos to Android app

First, open the YouTube app for the video you want to download.

Next, you need to click the Share button to open a menu where you need to select Copy Link.

Now, on this site, where you are currently reading this article, find the input field at the very top, paste the link there and click Download.

Select the format in which you want to download the video and this video will be downloaded from you.

How to download YouTube videos on iPhone and iPad to gallery

1. Copy the video link by clicking the Share button. Next, click Copy Link.

In the YouTube app, click the Share buttonNext, click Copy Link

2. Open the Safari app and visit this site (If you are already on safari, skip it), paste the link here and click the Download button.

3. Press Download HD 720.mp4 to open the menu you want.

In the Safari application, go to the site you are currently visiting (If you are already on safari, skip it), paste the link in the field and click the Download buttonHold down the Download HD 720 mp4 button to open the menu

4. In the menu that opens, click on the 'Download file from the link'. Next, in the upper right corner, click on the 'Downloads' icon and open the video.

In the menu that opens, click the button 'Download file from link' and wait until the download is completeIn the upper right corner, click on the download arrow icon and open the video if it has fully downloaded

5. In the bottom left corner, click the Share icon and click Save Video from the menu to transfer it to the Photos app.

In the lower left corner, click the Share iconFrom the menu, choose Save Video to transfer the video to the Photos app

Important: The video in the Photos app is saved by the date it was posted on YouTube. You can also find it in the Files app in the Downloads folder.

Download video to iPhone and save to gallery